Thursday, May 23, 2013

What to do with a Shy Bunny

A shy bunny could be annoying. They get easily scared and have less trust. Even if you have a bold bunny, this should be helpful to you.

5 Things that can lead to a shy bunny:
.If you adopted a shy bun that was already owned, then it could possibly have been a past owner
.The way you approach cage could be wrong
.The way you hold her may be wrong
.If you have another pet (more on that later) then it may be that
.You're giving her the wrong care

Approaching the Cage:
When you approach your rabbit's cage door, approach it calmly. Say her name in a quiet voice.
Maybe offer her a treat. Say something like this, "Hi, Sunny, you want a treat? Hmmm? How 'bout that, Sunny? I'm gonna take you out now, OK?"

Adopting a bunny:
It may be helpful if you read my post on adoption. Also, when you adopt, ask the people who work there what bunny would be best for you and your family. Give bunny a nice quiet place to be when she comes home. Away from noise and other pets.

Holding Bunny:
I'll do a lesson on how to hold bunny later. The way you hold bunny makes her trust you, because she'll fell safer in your arms. No swinging her, or throwing her up in your arms! Bunny wont trust you if you do that.

If you have another pet:
I'll do a lesson how get animals along with bunny. When bunny comes home give her a SAFE PLACE for 2 weeks. Try to keep other animals away from bunny. Dogs should be watched over closely, as well as cats.

The wrong care:
Whether give her on a walks, put her in the pool, or played noisy songs, you need to think before you do.
I'll do lessons on all these things soon. So watch over bunny well!
Snowberry all snuggled up!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rabbit Sitting

I've had to have someone watch over my bun while I was away. There are things to remember when either you're bunny sitting or someone else is bunny sitting your bunny. Since bunnies don't do well on roads (more on that later) you need to consider having someone bunny-sit.

If you're bunny sitting remember this:
.No bringing your bunny for a "play date" with the other person's bun.
.Listen to that persons directions carefully
.Know the number and address of their vet in case something happens
.Notify them of how bunny is coming along

If it is your bunny being taken care of, remember this:
.If you let bunny go to an animal friendly "hotel" go to one that does rabbits
.Give your bunny sitter clear instructions
.Give them your vets information
.Choose someone who you trust

This is Snowberry when I came home from somewhere.
She was SO happy to sniff me out again!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spaying and Neutering

You've probably heard about spaying and neutering and the great importance of it.
Spaying and neutering helps to prevent cancer and can help with other problems in behavior.
"Fixed" is also another term for spaying and neutering.
Make sure that the bunny you adopt is already fixed, so you wont have to bother about it.
If you don't have a fixed bunny then go to a vet that specializes in rabbits.

What to remember when bunny comes home from the vet:
.Bunny will be a little out of it he comes home so give him a stress free zone for 3 days
.Though bunny will not eat the day he comes home, he should be peeing and pooping in a day
.The incision will look gross so no touching it or cleaning it unless the vet says to. (Bunny may lick it).
.Bunny may be given medicine for the pain. If you want you can have a grown-up do it
.Hold off any guests for a week or so
.Do a major sanitation in his cage                                                
 The Special Surgical Cut in Snowberry
The medicine from the vet.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day to my Mommy!

Happy Mothers Day, Mommy! I love you!

Today I would like to tell you what I love best about you!

.I love that you are very optimistic when I'm not
.I love that you make very good food
.I love your GREAT sense of humer
.I love that you encourage me to keep on with skating when it gets tough
.I love that you LOVE me
.I love that you love Jesus

Happy Mothers Day!
I luv u :)

Monday, May 6, 2013


All bunnies need a good, safe cage, but that does not come true for all little bunnies. Even big ones. Many are left with small cages or other ones with big problems, so it is a good idea to buy a cage a day or two before you get a bunny. So let me give you all the cage facts......

Cages to avoid:
.Cages with wire flooring (They cause the feet to bleed)
.Small cages (Even a dwarf rabbit needs a BIG cage!)
.Cages with obvious problems (mold, sharp edges, etc.)

How to find a big cage for a dwarf rabbit (this can count for big bunnies too):
.Make sure bunny can sit up with 2 inch. left above her head
.The cage should have at least have 2 or 3 levels in it
.The cage should be at least 3ft. long and 3ft. wide (or twice that for a big bun)

Outdoor cages:
.MUST have a door that latches on correctly
.No drafty holes or bun will get sick
.A hiding spot
.No sharp points

I made the small cage mistake with my dwarf rabbit Snowberry. She was not happy in it at all! So we  found out online how to make her a bunny condo. It is very big, but she is happy. That is what counts!

This is Snowberry in her old cage. She was always cramped up and hated being in it.
This is Snowberry in her new bunny condo! The green litter box on the first floor is the base to her old cage. This cage is perfect for a big bunny and little bunny. Now all she needs is a buddy!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adopting a Bunny

Adopting a bunny is very exciting! Once you've proved to your parents that you are responsible you can start looking around for a bun! With their permission of course. Make sure that you and your parents look up online what kind of bunny breeds might be best for your family.
Remember, bunnies live an average of 7-10 years so they are a long term commitment. And commitment means staying loyal to your bunny long after the mood you said it in has left you.

10 things to remember before you get a bunny:
1.Make sure no one has allergies.
2.See if you have the time and money for bunny.
3.Remember your other pets!
4.Get a fixed rabbit. (More on that later).
5.Where bunny will be in the house?
6.Go to a high rated rabbit place.
7.Have a cage ready to go! (Even small bunnies need a BIG cage!)
8.Have the breed you want in mind.
9.What you will do with bunny on trips.
10.Find a good vet who cares for bunnies.

When you adopt a bunny go to a good place with healthy rabbits. Research books on rabbit breeds to see what'll do best! A medium breed may do better if you are a small kid. Big bunnies can be hard to handle and small ones can be rather skittish and have a ton of energy.
Good luck finding that bunny! :)
 My Snowberry 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Learning: Responsibility

Responsibility is not what you had in mind for getting a bunny. Right? You more than likely saw yourself reading books or going online to learn.Well, that is part of it, but you need to show your parents how willing you are to work for a bunny. Now don't picture in your head slaving away while you dream of getting a rabbit. It simply means seeing who needs help or doing what you see needs doing. Also doing what you're told right away.

Bunnies are a lot of work. So if you do not show the hard work before you get a bunny then why should you be rewarded with one? How bad do you want that bunny? If you want it bad enough you will be willing to work hard for it.

"So what should I start with?"' you ask. If you have a habit of being lazy then seeing what needs doing can a challenge. Start by asking yourself these two questions:

.Who needs help with what? (Oh look, Mom needs help washing dishes...)
.What job needs doing? (These dishes have been here for a while...)

You get the idea?

You can also ask your parents for advice with jobs. As my Dad likes to say, "See a need fill a need". Good luck!

Note for parents: 
You should NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER get a child a bunny to teach him/her how to be responsible. If they want a bunny but don't work for it then do not get them one. No matter what they say. A bunny is work. And they should be given to the hard working, kind, gentle child. A bunny is worth the care and respect of your child. They need to be responsible and gentle before they ever get a bunny. 

An Little Intro For Kids

ATTENTION ALL KIDS AGES 6 AND UP! This is a very special blog about bunnies for any of you kiddos out there who love bunnies and would one day like one. It can be hard to find easy to understand, yet detailed bunny information for youngsters. There is no reason why an animal loving, eager to learn, and diligent kid can't own a bunny if they know how to care for one! And here is the perfect blog to learn. Easy to read and understand, short lessons, and accurate information for kids. From a teen who knows what it's like to be a kid who loves bunnies comes this blog for you!

This is a rabbit corner for kids to learn more about bunnies. Now I like how willing kids are to learn. I also like kids who like bunnies. Kids are cool and bunnies are cool and this blog is for cool kids who like bunnies. ;)

An Ounce About Me & Snowberry:
I wanted a rabbit since I was 5 years old. I knew I would be a bunny vet when I grew up! I read a lot about bunnies thinking that was what my parents wanted. However, I forgot one thing that my parents wanted me to have: RESPONSIBILITY.
Don't like sound of that? I didn't. For a while.....
Then I turned 8. Things changed. I really wanted that bunny. So I researched and helped my mom around the house with chores. No, I never got paid. And I did so without being asked. Now I enjoy kitchen and house duty! Anyway...
I went with my mom to a bunny place and (we where not going to buy!) looked at the bunnies. The lady who worked there plopped a bunny in my arms and it was love at first sight! I love my Snowberry dearly! She was only 6 months when we got her and 2 lb. She is a Netherland Dnwarf rabbit and -just like me- sweet and sassy all in one little ball of fluff. My bunny is 4 years old and loving life. I may not want to be a vet anymore (I want to be a US Marine) but my love for bunnies and animals hasn't changed a bit.... Neither has Snowberry's appetite! :)

I hope that you learn much about rabbits and get one someday yourself!

Snowberry. AKA Fuzz-butt.